FAQ: Common architect questions

Can we use it (what is it ?OpenSensors? data?) with our current design tools (e.g. 3d rendering, CAFM, SolidWorks, Maya3D, WebCore from Changing Workplace)?

Yes, we have a list of supported integrations.

Don't see your favorite tool? Ask us because this list is always growing.

Will you help us make sense of the data?

Yes, we have standard reports with standard models. In addition we are available to help create new reports or dashboards as needed.

Where do we get the sensors?

We have a community of hardware providers that different types of sensors from environmental, noise, footfall, occupancy and others. We will guide you through the process of selecting them and connecting them to networks.

Who is going to install and maintain the sensors?

We have a number of managed service providers that will take care of the install for you. Similar to other contractors you might have like plumbers and other buildings services like changing the light bulbs.

What alerts do I get?

We provide a standard set of alerts, some are operational at the network level others are on the data itself (occupancy above or below certain thresholds or noise in an area exceeding a threshold)

Is it possible to have the data drive some sort of digital signage?

It is possible to push real-time data to digital signage for example available open parking or desk for co-working spaces. Another example is feeding the data back to the occupants like when the noise level exceeds certain thresholds.