Scale with a secure and reliable network
Join the largest IoT open data community in the world

Securely manage your private IoT network using OpenSensors whether you are a startup or an enterprise

Build on existing Open Data

Building your private network on top of existing open data enables you to gain better insight and lower the burden of your deployments.


Device management

Real time and historical APIs

Analytics to make sense of your data

Run infrastructure in your own dedicated cloud network

Integration with your backend systems

Secure data sent to the cloud using TLS

Add unlimited number of collaborators or onsite engineer account

Set policies on who sees your data by users or groups of engineers

Triggers when data hits certain thresholds and alert engineers when device is down

Hardware agnostic

We are hardware agnostic and provide support for open protocols. Use existing SDKs to quickly get up and running using MQTT or HTTPS protocols. Our partnership program includes hardware providers and manufacturing firms. Get in touch if you have particular hardware needs.

Our Clients

  • Arup
  • Cisco
  • TripAdvisor
  • Thompson Reuter
  • Herelab
  • Ethos

How to get started


Our partner program provides opportunities for hardware manufacturers and design firms to collaborate with OpenSensors to deliver client projects. If you are looking for OEM opportunities, or if you are a hardware manufacturer looking to join our partner program, get in touch.

Our Partners

  • Arup
  • Ubuntu
  • MultiTech Systems
  • Think Innovation UK
  • Green Citizen
  • HereLab