How to connect your devices?

Our goal is to make it easy for you to connect and manage your IoT network and data. You can choose who has access to your data. That might be just you, your team or the rest of the world.

Data Publishing

In OpenSensors, you can connect all kinds of devices like sensors, gateways or even your phone. Each device is authenticated and has meta data such as location and the type of data it is sending. You can set alerts to get notified when data reaches certain thresholds. Mobile or web applications can connect to our APIs to get data. They can also send messages back to the devices (e.g. turn your lights on and off using your mobile phone).

how it works diagram

Getting Started

New to IoT?

If you are new to IoT and would like some guidance on creating our own project including advice on your stack as well as sources of hardware, get in touch.

Already have devices?

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